Arts & Crafts at JoJo's Toys and More

A Unique, Fun, and Creative Retail Store

JoJo’s Toys and More is a unique, fun, and creative retail toy store operation offering both mainstream and artisanal hand-crafted toys for children of all ages, in addition to arts and crafts, independent children’s books, medieval-themed hand-crafted wardrobe, and school supplies. JoJo’s Toys and More also offers Birthday Parties and various activities for children throughout the week, such as arts and crafts, painting, and a daily story time adventure.

Some of the focuses will be on showcasing talent otherwise not represented in the mainstream industry, as well as building lasting relationships with people and families in the local community- the store is to be a destination, not just a transactional experience.

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Our Company Goal

The Company’s goal is to establish itself as the only toy store in the community that has not only the best selection of toys and children’s books at the best prices, but also unparalleled service and a knack for bringing the community together in the spirit of love and respect for each other.  More specifically, we hope to bring everyone together with the best common theme we can all share- the joy that comes from playing together with wonderful toys, games, and hobbies; in an environment full of encouragement and genuine concern for each other.

Educational and Medical Partnership Opportunities

We also strive to position ourselves within the local educational and medical care settings in the surrounding communities. We would like to partner with schools, teachers, hospitals, urgent care centers, dental offices, doctor offices, etc. For schools and teachers, we would like to offer a generous discount on school supplies in order that they might provide as much as they can for their students without breaking the budget.  For the medical care community, we would like to offer a generous discount on stuffed animals and other toys, whether for their waiting rooms or lobbies, or for them to give to patients in need of a little encouragement and something to hug over and over during their hospital stay.

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Our Values

At JoJo’s Toys and More, we share common values together, and we are proud to express them to our guests and employees, in order that we might create a culture well worth experiencing. Here are our core values:

  • Love for all people
  • Respect for ourselves and others
  • Compassion in the face of adversity
  • Encouragement and hope for all people
  • Gratitude for all that God has given us
  • Kindness toward others, as we would hope for it ourselves
  • Courtesy in our interactions with others
  • Goodwill as the basis of our thinking and behavior
  • Generosity in our spirit of giving back to the community and caring for our guests
  • Fairness for all people
  • Safety for our guests and employees
  • Joy to be experienced by ourselves and others
  • Fun!
Eliah holding JoJo

Who We Are

Although his name is Jowell, our inspiration for the name of our store comes from his nickname, JoJo. He is a wonderful boy with a bright future. We are so very grateful for his joyous nature and unique sense of humor.  Born in October of 2015, he is our best toy-tester, hence the section of our website for JoJo’s Picks. We hope to one day turn our legacy over to him- should he desire. If not, then we eagerly await the revelation of what his life path will be! No matter what, he is loved deeply by all who meet him, and we are proud to be his parents.

The founders of JoJo's Toys and More, Eliah and Priscilla

Eliah and Priscilla

Eliah and Priscilla are the founders of JoJo’s Toys and More. As you might have guessed, they are also JoJo’s parents. They started dating in February of 2013, got married in January of 2015, and have built a wonderful relationship that is full of joy and perseverance- grateful to be each other’s best friends. They both have decades of experience in the hospitality industry, which easily translates over to the retail toy business. They have a passion for what they do, and are very grateful to serve the community and bring joy to people of all ages.


Eliah, more commonly known as Eli, was born in February of 1981 in a beautiful place just north of San Francisco, called Mill Valley.
He grew up in a small town in Connecticut and had a wonderful childhood. His parents were always supportive of his endeavors, and his older brother quickly became his close friend and a strong musical influence in his life. Together, they wrote music and have enjoyed many late-night conversations about anything and everything.

After many formative life experiences, Eli decided to take a leap of faith and moved to Southern California in 2003 with a van packed full of his belongings and a dream in his heart to make movies and music his career. His brother joined him on the cross-country journey, and they spent 4 incredible days making their way from the Atlantic to the Pacific (or as Eli first called it, the Specific). After getting settled and beginning to find his way, he wound up entering Culinary School in Santa Barbara, and his passions quickly shifted to all things food. Having already been in the hospitality industry since his first job, he gained new skills to take with him and dove into restaurant management after completing Culinary School.

His guitar was placed under the bed, his partial movie script was placed on the shelf in the closet, and he set his focus on management and the hope for ownership someday.  He excelled in this environment, and learned valuable skills for both guest interaction and business management.  He is grateful for what he brings to the table, and is poised and ready to be a source of encouragement in the community, while playing his guitar every afternoon during storytime- likely much to the dismay of the parents of the children actively participating in the creation of the stories- but he is happy to bring smiles and laughter to anyone. He lovingly welcomes you to JoJo’s Toys and More!

Eliah with JoJo's Toys and More
Priscilla with JoJo's Toys and More


Priscilla was born and raised in South Los Angeles. She comes from a Salvadoran family who loves to make Pupusas (delicious, at that) and preach at the local church. She was born in October of 1990, with several brothers and sisters- younger and older. She is a lovely young lady with a brilliant sense of humor- you will often find her laughing and smiling. She spent her early years finding her way in some tough environments, but her loyalty and desire to take responsibility for her loved ones has always shined through. She can get through anything, and is a very loving wife to her husband- and very supportive of JoJo as he learns and develops into his unique self.

Priscilla started working in the hospitality industry from her first job, and quickly rose to supervisory and management positions due to her unfading work ethic and winning personality that brings smiles to everyone’s faces. As she progressed in her career path, she found herself in high level management positions at retail businesses- but just wasn’t satisfied with working for everyone else.  She craved something more, something for her family- something to fulfill a dream rather than a paycheck.  Over the years, she suggested several retail concepts to Eli, but nothing ever materialized.

One day, on a random Saturday in September of 2020, Priscilla suggested a toy store to Eli. This lit fireworks of ideas for both of them, and by Sunday they had a business plan mapped out, and the following day they became established as an LLC, and by the end of the week had all necessary licenses and permits to conduct business.  By early October, they had an amazing logo (shout out to Mariana Ramos for her incredible graphic design) and a plan for success. Priscilla had a vision, and spoke it into fruition.

To this day, she is passionate and creative, has a keen sense of what she wants for the business and where everything should be in the store, and understands friendly guest service like nobody else. She brings a lovely energy anywhere she goes, and is so very grateful to be finally working for herself and her family. Priscilla enthusiastically welcomes you to JoJo’s Toys and More!